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Saturday, April 27, 2013

They "Talk" Left but "Walk" Right... who are they?

....and perhaps more pertinent.. 'why' do they do it?  I have my suspicions.

One would be Senator Charles Schumer, but probably the big daddy of them all is George Soros. One of the wealthiest capitalists in the world, who funds a host of left wing causes while doing a  scrooge McDuck and swimming in his cash.   Can you work this out?

My question is to the Liberal Lefty 'Progressive' Americans who are perhaps 'Democrat' by history, and even by confiction, but are at least open to rational persuasion to move from that position if only for a while.   At this point you are wondering..'where' does this bloke want us to go?

My first 'nudge' would be to begin to do some very simple maths. Look at your debt (nearly 17 Trillion).. then divide that by your population,  the answer is... "the amount every individual (man woman child) owes.  So..if you are a family of 2 parents and 3 children.  Your family owed approximately $52,000 x number of family members.= $260,000

Can you even comprehend this?

The rationalization I've heard is that this kind of debt level is 'inconsequential' over time and "It's been like this before, after WWII".. now a careful thinker will realize a bit of history that completely thwarts the power of that argument.  At that time..China as a manufacturing competitor did not exist.
Now...it does. At that time you were able to chanel all your industrial might into rebuilding the economy by making things.... now?  You can't, because it's all made in China. So it begs the question about how you can repay this enourmous debt?  The usual throwaway slogan is "Tax the Rich"... well. I suggest you do some math there too.. because unless you tax them 100% for about 5 yrs .. it won't mean squat. 
"The end draweth nigh".. says the funny looking bloke with the sandwich board. Perhaps it's Fred Phelps from Westborough Baptist church ?  It wouldn't matter, the message has a strong element of truth in it.  Sadly, everyone will have to suffer a lot of economic pain. All those pre existing notions of entitlement and lifestyle.. out the window folks.

THE 1%

Now, you've heard all the chirping and muttering of the political class about how that evil 1% must be punished with taxes..and.. believe it or not..I agree.   If this '1%' do in fact own 34% of the nations wealth.. (I'm not sure of the exact figure but I know it's big) that's not so much the issue, because to get 'at' that money you'd need to liquidate the assets and I doubt if there is anyone other than 'them' who could afford to buy it unless you wish to sell your souls to China.

So the next point to consider is.. the 'income' generated and received by this 1%  -now that's where some real work can be done.  Yes. Romney paid only 13% on his unearned income. But so did George Soros and a large number of wealthy Democrat supporters. Romney worked within the law, so did the other mob.   The holdup for reforming the Tax code is Senator Schumer who sits on the godlike Tax Committee.  He does not want to change the code if it only effects hedge fund managers. Remember the title ?  "Talk Left.. walk Right"  He has a point.. in that he wants 'all' partnerships etc to be equally brought into that kind of tax net.  But surely.. such a  the tax on "unearned income"  (currently 15%, was 20%, but Bush lowered it) will catch "all" unearned income? So..is Mr Schumer telling porkies to save his Wall Street mates from copping a tax hike?

At least a few steps.. clearly, your left thinking left voting Democrat loyalty has done nothing except keep many unsustainable and debt increasing programs going.  There are only a couple of options for America.

i) Vote Republican and be saved. (But also cop a  different set of lobyists and vested interests)
ii) Vote Tea Party oriented politicians. (after you purge your brain from the disgraceful lies the political Left and Leftish media has lumped them with)
iii) Commit suicide and your family can benefit from the Insurance. (but make sure it is much higher than the $260k you owe)

In the previous post, I explained how Jerry Rubin, former lefty firebrand reprogrammed himself into a narcissist and left behind all his ranting and screaming for equality and justice..

In the 1980s, he embarked on a debating tour with Abbie Hoffman titled " Yippie versus "Yuppie." Rubin's argument in the debates was that activism was hard work and that the abuse of drugs, sex, and private property had made the counterculture "a scary society in itself." He maintained that "wealth creation is the real American revolution."  (wiki)

No..that's not George Bush speaking..nor is it Romney, nor is it Paul Ryan...nope..it's former Martyr hopeful Lefty Jerry Rubin.. after he "saw the light" of narcissistic self interest.  So.. to you Democrats who feel I'm speaking heresy.. consider this:

i) You can always vote the Republicans 'out' next time.
ii) Much more preferrable to suicide.
iii) You'll still have pay the $260k .......UNLESS there are such savage and painful cuts in spending that they actually reduce the deficit annually by around 10%

iv) Keep in mind..Obama says he will save '2 Trillion' over TEN years...hmmmm BUT...his budget this year is only 'reducing the rate' at which spending increases.  So his approach is,- your starting point of $260k owed, then  increasing it..but not by as much as he might have. Does it matter when your household owes that much PLUS your mortgage?

Folks..I have to tell you....that sounds like a Hitchcock horror movie rather than a plan for national salvation.

I can tell you who to tax.. these hollywood pansies who are full of opinion and enpty of common sense or economic brains. Brat Pitt.. Mat Damon.. and then the Michael Moore!... and plenty of others.. Madonna? aah yep..she would be good to tax.

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