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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wayne Swan, still ugly and 'Duck'ing for cover! Lyndhurst by Election.

While Swan is revealing that great revenue black hole of lost rewards, Gillard is gushing with her grab bag of electoral goodies to the gullible.

Poor Swanny, he must be on more vallium than you can find in a pharamacy trying to reconcile the dissonance in his poor head between having no money and still trying to spend it.

My thoughts about Wayne Swan are best expressed in this other entry so I hope you will enjoy this rabid attack on the Treasurer... after all.. he needs it because we need to have a future of fiscal freedom for our grandchildren. (Our children are already signed up to be repaying the present billions of over spending.

Wayne.. a Swan or a big Ugly Duckling.

Though that rant was written last year..it's predictions are coming true right now as I type.  The NDIS is exactly what I said it would be. "Political assurance" rather than anything else, but it's gone pear shaped now.. because now YOU will have to pay for it.. whereas originally, it was to be funded by various punishments on the mega rich. Now..you will die the fiscal death of a thousand lacerating 'levies'. 
Personally.. I'm only upset that such a levy is a 'last resort' and is dumped on us as a measure of desperation that will lead us into a zone of deprivation.  Had they put out the policy initially as a levy, I would not really be against it because I feel for those with disabilities and those to whom they are dependent.  The hypocrisy of Swans crowd is that they were lacking in principle and confidence that such a scheme could get going when based on directly asking the Aussie public to come up with the financial wherewithall over and above the usual taxation terror.

I remind readers who might be tempted to support Labor, or..God forbid the rabid green extremists at the next federal election... "We wont survive this political sickness by using a dab with some dettol, its a gangrene that needs an AMPUTATION.  And an amputation is what  I plan to give those ferals at the ballot box.

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