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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Industrial Conflict, Borders breached, Economic woes- Can I fix them?

Yep.. make me 'Dictator' for 4 yrs and I'll fix all of them.  Under my rule there will be zero organized Labor, zero border breaching, and no more desperate selloffs of major public assets to fix the black holes left by reckless political "Keep us in power at any cost" promises by decadent political parties.

In fact..there will not 'be' any politial parties.. *gone*.  There would be a national administration.
No State governments,  and local government would be minimal.  It would NOT be a centrally planned economy, private enterprise would be alive and well, but there would be some selected state sponsored end to end manufacturing enterprises run on competitive principles, (to utilize our raw materials) and subject to strict performance criteria.. no jobs for the boys or party lackies in this brave new world.

None of the above is particularly new.. Malaysia and many other governments do this, and one only needs to disembark at first world Kuala Lumpur International Airport and then return to 5th world Tullamarine to realize how well Malaysia's methods worked and abysmally ours have not.

'THE CASE FOR DICTATOR'.. Yes, this is a bit tongue in cheek. 

a) But there is a very good historical precedent. Fabius Maximus of Rome.  He was made dictator when Hannibal was gnashing at the cities gates.  He saved the day.. you'll have to read up on him to find out how.. just look at wiki.

b) Adversarial Industrial Relations and Political system.  That approach to running a nation would have to be one of the most self defeating ways of running a country I can think of. So..out with organized Labor and out with organized employer groups, where those groups were formulated specifically to combat Labor Unions.

c) Wages will be fixed and based on education and responsibility.  Adjusted only for inflation.

d) Should be point "a)" above but Australia would withdraw from ALL U.N. treaties and develop our own based on national interest and security.

e) All references to 'race' in public life will be eliminated.  There will be zero 'Ethnic' associations.

f) No territorial expansion will be part of our national program.  But we'll happily accept New Zealand and Tonga and Samoa into our national fold if they wish it.

and a heap of other things that I don't have the time to list now. 

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