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Friday, April 26, 2013

During the monsoon..Mexican Rabbits multiply in America, but then the end comes.

I'm sure you've seen it,  after a long drought, the rains come..the grass grows, the trees are green, and the rabbits go ballistic and breed like there was no tomorrow.  But like all good things, it comes to an end.
After the monsoon, comes the dry,  and with the dry comes the drawback of the abundance.  With the dying off of food, comes the dying off of the rabbits.  If the rabbits had some way of limiting their numbers other than by starvation, surely they would endure longer when drought comes.

I imagine there was some responsible rabbits who tried to persuade the other rabbits not to breed so much, and that going crazy might lead to an unsustainable situation.. they were the Republican Rabbits.. but the Democrat rabbits told them they were discriminating, lacking compassion and picking on the poor rabbits.

In the end it doesn't matter...because the drought is coming and all rabbits will suffer.  If there were some brave bold rabbits among the seething masses who could have enforced less prolific reproduction  the rabbit nation might survive. Those rabbits would have been called extremists and uncaring lunatics so they just shut up.

Then...the drought came.

Rabbits -Drought
It does not take  much intelligence to realize that as that small remaining water reduces to almost nothing, the rabbits will fight each other to the death to get a few life sustaining drops.

 UPDATE 1st May
Since writing this entry, I saw this morning a figure for Mexicans planning on or thinking of coming to the United States with or without authorization.  The figure is staggering and it's in the many millions. I had not thought of this entry in connection with that situation, but now I do, hence the addition of the word "Mexican" in the title.

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