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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Who is "BLACK" in America? (Stairway to a racist heaven?)

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Sigh... I'm just watching CNN and the show is titled  "Who"....is 'black' in America?

Well.. I've got news for you.. who ever you are.. 2 points..

1/ Race is NOT repeat "not"...a 'social construct' it is a biological reality!
2/ "Black" is not a race, nor is brown nor is Asian, nor is White!

To suggest that 'race' is a social construct is absolutely racist in itself. Tell any patriotic Chinese that he or she is just a 'social construct'.

"COLORISM"   whenever you see a new 'ism'.. beware... look quickly and deeply to the core of such things and the people who promote it... look at their ideology and politics and who they are connected to.

There appears to be some kind of 'colorism' going on even within the 'black' community where pale skin is valued more highly than very black skin...  that's for them to work out. All I ask is don't be sucked in by racialized political entities like CNN or MSNBC

We have Noel Ignatiev formerly of Harvard (He's a Jewish marxist) who wants to "Abolish the white race-by any means" And we have a whole 'industry' that want's to keep people divided, categorized and racialised!...who are these people? The names Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Elijah Mohammad, Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, Al Gore, Barack Obama, Joe Biden all come to mind.

Never ever ever forget that it is in the political interests (which also translates into the financial interests of those leading this drive) of certain people to keep people 'black' and 'white'.  It is ABsolutely NOT in their interests to blend or blurr the division between races. Sadly, those people dwell on the Left of politics... Democrat and Socialist. In my view, the black community and all shades between black and white are being used and manipulated by nefarious pernicious economic interests to keep power so they can wallow in their luxury  palaces, pools and places of social honour.

Me?.. I'm white, but that's not my race.. I'm half Scot and Half English.  My wife is Asian and my children are tri racial and my grandaughters are a mix of all the above plus Maori and Irish.
I am quite bold to say "I am the future" of race in the West.. in the sense of  having blended my family, and my offspring are all impossible to place in any particular race category, because they have so many in them. My eldest son is now intending to marry a pure Chinese girl. We don't even want to hear the word 'race' in connection with our lives!

The crazy part of CNNs show was how it selected certain mixed race, light skinned people, to show them in a passionate claiming of only the 'african' (Black) side of their equally mixed heritage. One very sad and tragic woman had the extreme racist gaul to say of her two mixed race children "These are my two BLACK children who have a white father". In other words she murdered her husbands race in their children!  She reduced her husband to the level of a convenient personal sperm bank of 2nd rate sperm. If he was "black" his sperm would be 1st rate.. which raises the question why did she marry him???   If we marry someone, the offspring have equal value on both parental sides.
When shows like this CNN travesty are aired.. never forget who is pulling the production strings and what the actual outcome is meant to be politically.  The emphasis in the racist show was to encourage all mixed race, fair skinned people to regard themselves only as 'Black'...and this is to divide on the basis of race and is unquestionably racist!   This show was not about people finding themselves, it was about promoting 'Black' as the new 'superior' racial identity.

Rather than emphasing the difference, CNN should have been framing the show in terms of a harmonious mix of backgrounds, and an ultimate social goal of race or color not even being an issue or consideration!  Did not MLK jr say "I hope that my four children will be judged by the content of their character rather than the color of their skin" ??  yes.. he absolutely said that, but CNN has produced this show which firstly wants to brand people by skin color rather than their humanity, and secondly, pull all mixed race people into an artificial 'black' racial category. When a person embraces a particular "skin color" they are in reality embracing racism.  The workshop showing various participants of varying skin tones was shown, the whole framework of that workshop was to bring light skinned people into the 'Black' racial category and political fold. Folks..if you cannot see this, you are blinder than blind and telling you will be as effective as talking to a statue in central park.

The show was not intended to remove or reduce racism it was specifically intended to cause it and promote it for political purposes.

THE FINAL SOLUTION!   Firstly, it is for all people of any skin color to just get over themselves, stop listening to the 'voices' from leftist politics like that of  CNN who want to divide, conquer and rule you, and get with the program of blurring racial/skin tone difference by intermarrying!   There is no other solution!
Except....of course the one that many don't want because they have, to be blunt.. a moral problem !
That solution is to turn from their self centered and ego driven   lives, turn from the immorality and selfishness that makes them awful to be around...and  turn TO ... The gospel of Jesus Christ and in so doing embrace Christ himself!   While the reason for doing this is purely to be 'saved'... to be reconciled to Almighty God from mankinds fallen condition, to receive forgiveness of sin, renewal of heart, transformation of mind, and re directing of will.... the by product of being "In Christ" is this...

28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Gal 3:28

DO YOU SEE IT?..... racism, sexism and slavery.. do not exist in Christ, because...you are all...ONE in Him.

There it is.. you have the word.. you have the solution, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start a journey to paradise on earth... that paradise is called "Christian fellowship".

The ALTERNATIVE is to try to rely on the spurious and racist secularism which gave us racism in the first place.  Enlightenment philosophers abandoned the Word of Christ, (enduring and eternally wonderful)  and the oppressive Roman Catholic Church, (which in that day was very worthy of leaving) and looked to science and 'reason' for all their answers.  This included using the classical Greek white clean cut sculpture as their 'model' for the perftect human. All that was less white and looked different was classified as "less noble".. yes.. it was SECULARISM and 'reason' that gave you racism...and I strongly suggest you abandon that with as much vigour as the Enlightenment philosophers abandoned the Church of the day.  Today's church is free and open.

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