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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

When did you last buy a book at a price of $862.49?

Now 'that' would have to be  some book!
The truth is, it's available in paperback for a much lower price, but the hardcover edition of "Crystallizing Public Opinion" is right up there in the economic stratosphere!  $862.49.

What in this wide world would such a book contain that would make it so expensive?
Aaah.. it is a book which has already changed the world, and contributed significantly to the mass murder of millions (literally) of people.

What does this book say?  It shows the detailed method of re-shaping a Nations consciousness and attitude.   Primarily the book was aimed at explaining how to do this for marketing campaigns, but the author was asked to apply those principles to preparing the American public for the invasion of another country in the interests of a particular Fruit company that had economic interests in Guatemala. You, the reader can google that yourself..  the point is.....these methods not only worked in that case, and persuaded millions of people to do something different than they did before and to believe (this is the key point) that they were doing this new things by their own volition and will, and that it was actually for their good! (health).

As an example, "Bacon and Eggs for breakfast" is one of those changes in attitude.  You can also google that to find out how it was done. (add the name Edward Bernays + bacon and eggs) and it will come up.
 Imagine if people were told that a compulsory lecture was  to be attended, where "public health" was the issue and at this lecture, some public health official thumped the lecturn and demanded that everyone eat a high protein breakfast and showed images of Bacon and Eggs ?  I doubt it would go over that well. Probably like a pork chop at a Bar Mitzvah. But if you put posters in doctors surgery's stating that '5000 doctors say a high protien breakfast is good for you" and show an image of bacon and eggs....... well you can see how you, and I were both persuaded to accept the idea. I happen to love bacon and eggs for breaky...

Yes..the author was Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud (or was  it Fraud?).  What Bernays did, was based on connecting product or idea with the deeper irrational primal desires of the sub conscious mind. Another example is 'sex sells'.  Instead of explaining the mechanical or comfort benefits of a particular car, you place a beautiful model in the car and she says to the male driver "Wow.. a guy like you in a car like THISSSSSS?!!!!" and she proceeds to manifest sexual  'orgasm' like behavior (toned down a bit from the real thing).   Of course.. blokes bought that car in droves... why?  Go figure.

MASS MURDER.  This same book, was acquired by Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi propaganda minister and the principles were used to soften up the German populace for a 'final' solution to the Jewish problem.  The book was used to go step by step in incrementally toward the dehumanization of Jews, nothing too radical at first... the public would not take that.. people cannot accept great steps of radical change without worrying... and the book advises to do it incrementally, indirectly.. strategically and in a multi layered way. One typical example is the statistical  report of percentage of various races in Academic positions and this is compared to the percentage of that race in the general population. (Google "nazi propaganda")  No negative comment is needed, no overt criticism in the beginning is noted, just...the simple numbers. People make decisons about attitude on the inner subconscious level. Over time, people became convinced that there was a "Jewish Problem" without anyone saying too much about it...
In the end, once the populace had been persuaded that there was in fact a Jewish problem, then the propaganda turned very nasty....but by this time the people were ready for the final brush strokes.

The book?  "Crystallizing Public Opinion"   Here it is.

The ironic thing about this is that Bernays was Jewish.

POSTSCRIPT.. How Bernays ideas are being used in the Mainstream Media.  If you wish to crucify a political enemy over time, you would (if following Bernays principles) use the main stream media and leak stories from time to time which negatively portray your enemy as you want the voting public to perceive them. You won't fill every issue with rampaging blatant stories accusing your enemy of some diabolical act.. nope.. you do it over time and include it in the rest of the "News" as if it was just one story among many. MSNBC and CNN are prime culprits in this.  They desperately want to keep a 'race' problem in America...if you don't have a race problem, you cannot engage in 'race' politics.
In the 60s, radical psychoanalysts tried to use human potential/group therapy encounter groups to solve black white race relations.  They would get black militants and whites together and told them 'let it all out.. don't hold back.. talk about the issue"  welllll....they sure did, the Blacks tore into the white liberals and ripped them limb from limb.. the conclusion was that these encounter groups were an utter failure for solving race relations, because the black militants 'needed' a problem so they could have a power base. (see The Century of the Self  on youtube)  Therefore they were absolutely uninterested in anything which would actually remove that power base which was based on the racial problems of the USA.

AMERICA... (and Australia).. would you mind waking up and doing some thinking for a change?

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