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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Kylie Minoque-an Inconvenient manager!

You have to groan at the antics of so called superstars.. or is it super egotists and hyper existentialists? Perhaps narcissists?

I'm not going to waste more than  a few lines on the soon to be 'not' singing budgie... but Minoque has been rescued from breast cancer,  and supported and developed in her career by Terry Blamey and now.. we hear

After a 25-year-career as one of Australia's best-selling international pop stars, Kylie Minogue is reportedly quitting the music industry to focus on acting.
The 44-year-old has also parted ways with the man credited with propelling her international stardom, her long-term manager Terry Blamey, just weeks after Minogue herself publicly attributed much of her success to him. (smh)

So....she's finished her 'need' for Terry and now is just going to 'move on'?  

Whatever floats your boat Budgie, but remember....that cancer might come out of remission at any time and gee golly gosh... you might need a few people who care.

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