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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getup is a CULT and = Greens Hitler youth?

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"I'ts time we introduced the heads of the fascists to the pavement"
  Diane Feildes, Australian Socialist  from NSW speaking at a Socialist Alternative meeting.

The above quote makes clear the true extremist and violent intentions and methods of the 'peace loving anti war' socialists in Australia (and anywhere) I know from personal experience as well.
That statement which is an illegal incitement to violence, includes a nasty bit of toxicity which assumes that anyone who is not "them" is by default a "Fascist". (completely untrue)

Once when displaying a 'Blame China, tax slavery at customs" poster at an anti Howard IR laws protest in Melbourne at Flinders st Station, I found myself alone  in the midst of around 25,000 protesters, (most of whom were cordial and happy to engage in conversation about my poster) and a sprinkling of hard core communist agitators, who were trying to turn this noisy but peaceful protest into some kind of revolution.  The issue was "Howard IR laws are destroying jobs".... but strangely, in the week preceeding this demo, over 1000 jobs were lost....to China! (car parts company) and since then, under a Labor government, car parts suppliers are dropping like Louie the fly after a spray of Mortein.

Well.. back to the story. There was a pint size packet of female commy dynamite who took exception to my sign. She came up..(a brave little comrade she was) and from her all of 5' 4" 137cm stature, got her nose as close to mine as possible, looked up  and said "I want to smash your face in". Later, when that didn't send me packing, she tried to instigate a gang bashing and yelled hysterically to the unionists "He's a boss...he's a boss" while pointing at me. No one took notice of her rants, so...she decided she had to play the martyr and came up with her little flag thingy and started to assault me.  I quickly restrained her, turned her around, (holding her arm up her back) informed her she was under citizen's arrest and marched her off to the nearest cop.....and requested she be charged with assault! That didn't end well, because he simply told me  "cut your losses mate and be thankful you are not arrested"
Note to self..... "Make sure you have an 'accomplice' present at such things with a video camera in future"

Make no mistake....you've heard and seen much of the Hitler youth, the Storm Troopers... but do you also remember Mao's 'Red Guards'? (or the uniformed military wing of the Jewish led German communists?) They were the commy equivalent to the storm troopers but ended up on the rough end of the revolutionary stick. students and idealistic teenagers who thought nothing of killing, torturing and publicly humiliating 'thought criminals'.
Red Guards dealing with a 'Climate Change' skeptic ?

They are extremists (Just look at Browns eyes!!!) who deserve nothing but utter contempt and social marginalization.
Bob Brown speaks under the shadow of Joseph Goebbels. (look at those eyes! above..pure hatred)

Like Hitler, the Greens focus their indoctrination on youth, in Schools and in Teen Music shows such as MTV

DO CAPITALISTS OWN THE GREENS?  Maybe, maybe not, but one thing is for sure, the public message of the extremist greens is not what they are really there about, and if one does some digging, you will find interesting 'connections' between the Greens and big business which raise serious questions about their integrity and level of hypocrisy.

In my view, Bob Brown is devoid of ethics except those which advanced the Greens.. one example is where he calls the main stream media the "hate media" because they failed to promote his ideas.
He and Christine Milne remind me of a Krushchev comment from the Soviet Union, that the only morality is that which serves the purpose of advancing communism.

Milne recently supported the illegal and fraudulent act by a criminal "activist" who impersonated a Bank. This shows the amoral underbelly of the Green extremists. "Power at any cost"... we don't need such feral retards in government and we especially don't need such social parasites sucking the political lifeblood out of the mainstream process by using their balance of power position.
It is abundantly clear to anyone with a skeric of analyitical ability that these ideological microbes are utterly toxic, and will say or do anything they think will raise their political profile and or give them more power...then their real agenda will kick in "Global Governance"... another name for 'New World Order/One world government'... but this isn't speculation, its in their policy documents.

Sadly, these Green toxic mushrooms are trying to influence youth, and it seems to be working.  We can only do our best to counteract and combat their deceptive message and pray that our youth will see through them in time.

THE MOYLAN AFFAIR. As most of you would be aware now, Johnathan Moylan impersonated the ANZ Bank and claimed they were withdrawing their support for a particular enterprise that the Greens don't like.  Consider this:

a) In pre stunt discussions, they talk about how the share price might suddenly plunge if their stunt goes as planned
b) They will also know that once the 'stunt' is revealed, the share price will rebound to around normal levels. (It came back to within 2 cents of the pre stunt value)
c) They can have funds at the ready to invest in the shattered share price, knowing it will rebound
d) When it rebounds from the trashed levels,.....they sell and make a windfall.

Not bad when you think about it.. if you care only about profit at any cost!

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