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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Yet another ......"Capitalist" Union or former Union bosses paid more than JOYCE

Not directly of course.. not in wages but in skulduggery, jobs for the boys... deals for the boys and girls, and 'not what you know but WHO you know' ....massive profits on secret deals... no... we're not talking about those 'evil' QANTAS bosses... we are talking about Labor and Union people... It makes me so sick I want to vomit... but given my dinner is nearly ready.. I'll pass on that, but you can indulge yourselves in some "I always suspected but this confirms it" kind of gratification by reading this story in the SMH.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Does the Electrical Trades Union steal from single mums, orphans and the battling unemployed?

In my personal opinion...YES.. but 'theft' is not exactly the best or most accurate word. I think rampant Greed, spiraling Arrogance, nihilistic Self interest and plain Thuggery are pretty close to the mark.
We must ask how the high price of a relatively unskilled Electrician (relative....compared to say a graduate engineer or one of the professions) can effect those who don't have or could never have the power to blackmail bosses for more and ever more.
The simply stark reality is that all input costs to a product, house or service, translate into higher end user costs.
So when your builder informs you that there is a huge blowout in the cost of your home he is building, and you see that there was a recent 'breakthough in wage negotiations' for electricians, giving them huge wages and allowances..... you can actually connect the two events together.

How about the poor refugee ... bewildered by a new country, limited english, limited income, how can she or he find adequate shelter?  Well exorbitantly high priced electricians or other trades certainly don't help.

When the cleaner is paid more than the managing director, it's time to review the value of work.
When the electrician is paid more than the Engineer who designed the system...the same applies.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Dollar Sweets, Baiada-Sex Lies and Unions..Oh, you HAVE to read *this*

This study of Union activity and tactics just becomes more murky and steamy by the minute. I guess you could invent this stuff, but the real thing is far better because it really happened.
Confectionary Union.  fasten your seatbelts folks...because we are going for a  RIDE!

The article in Wikipedia about the dispute is claimed to have a non neutral point of view, is biased and not completely factual, not surprisingly by a former Union official. But the points he raises are quite minor and don't seem to alter the basic factuality presented by the Wikipedia primary article.
Where it all goes wierd, surreal and steamy is in the REST of the former Union official's 'talk page' info. Oooooeeee... don't touch that...it'll burn your fingies.

Some highlights.

1/ Union officials receive secret payments during the picket, (making it in their interests to prolong the strike)
2/ Union  official makes sexual overtures to 15 yr old girl.
3/ Union official leaks dirt on Muslim woman union intern, she is then  beaten by her husband.

 From the former Union Official himself.
There is a lot more information that I supplied to ALL Unions about this dispute. I became aware at a much later date that several Union officials were getting secret payments. These payments were made from a secret account held by the Secretary of the Union. I have copies of the signed receipts they kept for this secret fund. The receipt stated as payments for attending the Picket line at Dollar Sweets.
I am aware that those officials never even went near the picket line at any time. I was never paid and attended on numerous occassions as a moral support to the workers who lost their jobs and wanted them back. These secret payments therefore made it in the interests of several Union officials of other Unions that the dispute continue as long as possible to reap their own personal rewards.

Read it all for yourselves... it's there in black and white.

As they say.....power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely. It seems Union officials see themselves as bulletproof and untouchable... "absolute power".....

A young Peter Costello....

Are they any flies on the wall of the Nurses Union who see things the Union or it's leaders might not want people to know about ? Hmm secret payments ? Let this blog know and we can see if it can be published