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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Australian High Court Decision on Assylum Seekers.

We all know about it now... this tragic decision to further undermine Australian sovereignty, and allow the floodgates to open for an undending stream of opportunists to country shop their way to a 'better life' (not that the UN Convention even mentions this as grounds for assylum) in Australia.

What should be of great interest to all thinking Aussies is the basis of the High Court Decision. Enough has come through the media reports already to make it clear that when a High Court decides a democratically elected government 'does not have the power' to make decisions of this nature (The Malaysian solution) we must ask 'to what' did the High court appeal for the basis of it's opinion?
That basis, has been hinted at in jevery media release and public statement by both the lawyers for the country shoppers and the government immigration department. It is this. "Human Rights" so called.  The moment Australia placed it's signature on the UN convention, we were bound by and large to adhere to it's content, and worse.. more insidious.. to implement the content of that convention not just into our laws, but also (if the UN had it's way) into our CONSTITUTION.

The effect of such a thing is clear.  Australia ceases to be a sovereign nation. Plain and simple. Our immigration policy is now dictated by Brussells and it's politically 'correct' lackeys and racial or religiously aligned voting blocks (such as the OIC).

It is ironic to hear the bleatings of former federal court judge turned 'human rights' lawyer, Jewish Ron Merkel QC, when he declares this decision is a reason all Aussies can now sleep better...
Ron Merkel QC former Federal Court Judge.

those Aussies, it should be emphasized, who he suggested were about to race out with torches and lynch ropes and commit a *holocaust* against Aboriginals.(During the Andrew Bolt Trial).  Merkel slandered and debased every Aussie of anglo heritage, and showed his own bias, prejudice and racist nefarious attitude toward white Australians of anglo heritage.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, the only way to solve this issue of country shoppers is to punish the crews which bring them, and publicize this widely in Indonesia.  Those held here are in detention centres, not prisons...but  they've just tried to burn those down, which is another crime along with their people smuggling activities. So on two counts at least these people should be jailed without mercy for a long stretch, and then, they can be interviewed, with a firm "you won't be back home for about 10 yrs" video's used in TV spots and using social media focused on (and in the language of) Indonesia.

Time for my favorite and increasingly accurate graphic to be displayed here again!

Have fun with all that.

Shut down the US government. (cry the Left wingers)

This blog has maintained a definite perspective on world and national events, but right now, we are on the cusp of an awful disease spreading throughout the Western World.  That disease is a mass psychosis and hallucination which views the governments of the free world in the same way the people of Egypt, Bahrain, Syria and Libya view their own despotic governments.
In fact, as the video below will show, it is their rallying cry, trying to make out that the democratically elected government of the USA  is something akin to the tyrants of Libya and Syria.

This psyhcosis is being manufactured by very hard core left wing elements and they openly admit this.
Let's make no mistake, this is an overt attempt at sedition.

Will this come to Australia ? Of course it will. I predict it will be a combination of the following:
a) Frustration by Green extremists and various 'green' type activist groups not attaining their own agenda's
b) Mass manufacturing layoffs from places like Bluescope steel and associated industries.
c) A general manipulation of militant Unions, using such things as the Bluescope layoffs and any other excuse, such as accusing Abbot of 'back door workchoices' and similar allegations.
But don't believe me, believe your own eyes and ears. Let them speak their intent from their own mouths. Today it's Swanson in the USA, tomorrow..in Australia, Bob Brown and his desperate green/watermelon extremists?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Whip Hand

Enoch Powell
Many years ago, a political prophet named Enoch Powell quoted the following excerpt from a conversation he'd had with a constituent.  "In 15 or 20 yrs time, the Black man will hold the whip hand over the white man".   Sadly, such a view is based on both reality and prejudice. In a perfect world, there is no such thing as 'race'. But this world is not perfect.  Race is a reality, and differences in race based on skin color are socially difficult to manage unless the two groups are able to mingle and assimilate.   Oh that this were the case!.. how many less instances of racial conflict we would have?  I write this while England burns. Triggered by a white policeman having shot and killed a black drug dealer. The judicial poles of this transaction were quickly blurred by the skin color issue and people of immigrant dark color seem to have seen an opportunity to vent their collective spleens against what they see as their white 'oppressors'.

How could this all come about?  Well, taking the prophetic warning of Enoch Powell as our guide, he declared that uncontrolled immigration would lead to segregation, and that to isolation, and that to conflict. The primary characteristic of human societal organization is a preference is for one's own type, kind, color etc.  So this translates into a natural gravitation to an area where we won't be feeling isolated, alone, or vulnerable. Darcus Howe has a very ethnic perspective on events. Most of what he says is couched in the dangerous language of skin color and ethnic trouble.

There are two types of white politician.  The guilt stricken ones, usually on the more conservative side, who want to at least 'look' like they are not part of their own national  historical past, and then there are the liberal/progressive/socialist, who rely in the vote of the minority to attain power.  It is this side of politics which seeks to exploit to the nth degree any historic morsel they can use to hurl more guilt on the conservatives to better achieve their own goals, which is never about 'social justice' but simply about power.

All that aside, let's turn our attention to the man who is now the head of the so called "Equalities" commission. A Mr Trevor Brooks.  This man wields amazing power, and has used it to try to thwart any and all English nationalist political influence. He tried to destroy the British National Party, and under the laws he administers, many white (and  black) Christians have been treated so shabbily it defies description, but that's another story.
Today this blog simply wishes to point out that in accordance with Powells prophetic utterence, there is a black man who holds the legal whip, and is using it over the white man.  In truth, Brooks is using his power over ALL people.. but he is especially focused on destroying the BNP, which reaches out to predominantly indigenous English, (who happen to be white.) Does Brooks attack the 'Black' police association as a racist organization ?  No. Does Brooks attack the 'Muslim' Police assocation ? No.  So, it is clear, that Brooks..is holding that whip hand of the law, even trying to skew it to mean something it does not, with a goal of destroying the only political party which is analoguous to the 'Black' police association.. but which does not have any skin color in their name..  the "British"  National Party.

All of this is very distressing, and unecessary. If the holders of the levers of power back when Labor decided to not just allow, but actively promote the idea of newcomers to the UK maintaining their own cultures rather than assimilating; had exercises true wisdom based on our cumulative human experience, they would have trod a different path.  Now..the country must reap what these insidious power hungry ideological monsters have sown.

This blog wishes to point out that human society is best served by an attitude reflected in Pauls letter to the Galatians, 3:26  So in Christ Jesus you are all children of God through faith, 27 for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. 28 There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

By way of personal experience, I can relate how at times in an Asian country, we had wonderful fellowship with people of various tribes at meal times. In any one sentence there would often be 5 languages present.. choosing a word here or there which has humorous meaning.. which all were familiar with... The content of Galatians 3 above is not just pie in the sky dreaming, it can be, and is, a solid reality in many places that the mainstream media seldom goes. But while human beings live by the  existential law of me/him, we/they, us/them and allow race or skin color to divide us... we will have the same problem manifest in the UK right now.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Assylum Seeker Deal in Tatters-Hight Court trumps Aussie feeling!

I'ts pretty hard to find a random person in the Easter Melbourne Suburbs who is supportive of the Green/Labor-Left/Socialist approach to destroying Australia through uncontrolled boat people arriving on our shores.
Still, the green/socialist "Refugee Action Collective" shows it's true despicable colors by attempting (thus far successfully) to thwart the democratic will of the Australian people, by using the battering ram of the Hight court against us.
They dress up their vile unrelenting attacks on Australian identity and sovereignty  and independance with those usual words like "tolerance, inclusion and compassion" but those cliche's wore out ages ago, now.. most of us know their real agenda which is reflected in their reckless disregard for the will of the people, and sending their lawyer stormtroopers goose marching off to the high court to demand the overthrow of our collective will and place us under their intolerant  socialist jackboot.

The tragic part of all this, is how the High Court will interpret the situation.  Which law will triumph..will it be our own Aussie law (?) or.. will our own law be castrated by so called "Human Rights" law. ?    Every Aussie should know that the trend and destination of the 'Global Governance' sought by Left wing and Islamist influence in the UN is that all local national law be subjugated under "Human Rights" Law.  This is spelt out in the UN documents and conventions where it clearly says that nation states should adjust both their legal and constitutional framework to ensure HR law is dominant and national law is subject.

That is nothing short of a bloodless coup! It is an invasion by a legal system, rather than soldiers and ships and tanks.  The 'brilliant' part of this strategy from the viewpoint of the Globalists is that most average citizens have not the slightest clue about what's being done to them.

Well.. if we want London style riots..or Oslo style assasinations... it seems the most obvious path to tread is the one we are currently on.  It only takes one severely disgruntled individual to do what Breivik did, and London currently burns because of what a government has done over a long period of time.
Let's hope that common sense prevails and we return to a concept of nationhood which actually does protect us from these nightmarish outcomes.

London Riots-Welcome to MultiCultural England.

As the flames crackle, and the smoke rises over the charred remains of the UK Labor governments MultiCultural polices, as the realization of just how trainwrecked Labor has made Britain, I hear and echo.. a voice.. reverberating in my ear, from a man once consigned to the political wilderness for having predicted exactly this:
What was it that Enoch Powell predicted ? Well.. see how his political isolation grew out of the speech below and before relegating him to the scrap heap of  failed politicians, know this, that in the days after this speech, Powell, a Tory, was the most electable man in England for Prime Minister and the crowds on the streets in his support were UNIONists who realized that he spoke truth about uncontrolled immigration.

Powell was far more than a man with insight, he was a political prophet. He spoke of immigration leading to isolation, inularity and eventually violence. Todays riots are remeniscent of some previous riots which can be directly tied to racial difference and how such difference plays a role in the way events are perceived.

Brixton riots were triggered when a black man had been injured by some thugs, and a white policemen went to assist him, but the public perception was that because the Policeman being white and the man on the ground being black, well obviously it was the white policeman who had harmed the black man.  Race based perception is a dangerous and volatile ingedient which takes little to set it off in a violent and incendiary rampage of all hell breaking loose.

Not much more to say here, Powell was 'right', Labor/Multiculturalists were 'wrong'... game over. One now wonders how this travesty of social engineering can now be fixed ?

When you ponder the images below, ponder also the stark contrast of loud but peaceful demonstrations of the EDL compared to this carnage!
London Explodes in a nightmare of racial violence

Police stretched to the limit countering racial violence.

The violence of multiculturalism.

Who pays the price of this racial multucultural violence?

Saturday, August 6, 2011

"Boat People"-Unnacompanied minors.

There is a very predictable pattern emerging regarding so called 'assylum seekers' coming by boat to Australia. It seems the 'age' of many of them is suddenly becoming much younger, whether in reality or in claim alone remains to be determined.

If you were wishing to migrate to Australia for a 'better life' (something that has nothing whatsover to do with the UN convention on refugees) and you heard that the Australian government was intending to deport 'adults' to Malaysia, then it stands to reason you would do whatever needed to advance your migration  ambition. Claiming to be a minor would be one such strategy.

The alarming part about this is the apparent gullability of Australians who suddenly decide that these  so called 'unnacompanied minors' who have already traversed country after country, and then a very dodgy sea voyage (In other words, they are quite robust people).  to get here instantly and magically become 'poor vulnerable children' the moment they step on our shores is ludicrous and absurd.  Those pushing this type of argument in the Media and by public protest  are without question driven by other motives than the welfare of these people.

For 'Refugee Action Collective' we can read 'Marxist agitators' and this includes Sarah Hanson (let me put my 'compassionate serious frowny' face on now) Young and her Green (watermelon) mates at the Central Committee HQ with Bob (Hey I care for the envioronment.. really.. yes.. I do.. seriously) Brown and ilk.
Sarah Hanson-Young.Watermelon Senator.

So... it won't matter what the Aussie government does to stem the flow of future Green Votes to our shores..all of which will prove useful in marginal seats in the future, especially when the extended families join them through our normal family re-union processes... the Watermelons will advocate to let them in. After all ...they don't see 'people' they see 'votes'. Given the whacky and evil policies of the Green watermelons, it's no surprise they have to resort to thuggish and brutal mis-use of human beings for the sake of winning a seat in government. After all.. few people vote for them and those who do are quite deluded by the 'spin' and 'public face' of the Watermelons, who deliberately use trendy words like "Justice, compassion, inclusion, tolerance" etc to give them an air of legitimacy to the naive public.

Make no mistake people.. this is just the cultural marxism that Herbert Marcuse advocated, and it's also the same INtolerance (of Aussie mood) that Marcuse wrote about in his 1965 Essay "Repressive Tolerance" which has shaped cultural marxist thinking ever since.
GreenFuhrer Bob Brown.

The Punch (another Watermelon media voice) puts it like this:  Pauline Hanson must be proud of the continuing work of those purveyors of xenophobia, radio shock jocks and table thumping newspaper columnists.
Well of course they'd say that  wouldn't they!  To a hammer, everything is a nail..or a to a progressive/socialist/green, a lurking Pauline Hanson. Shameeeeee you aussies..shameeeee is the para message.  Punch goes on:  "Never mind that 90 to 95 percent of boatpeople are found to be legitimate refugees."

 Well.. really???  Or.. perhaps it's more like this... the 'refugee industry', funded by so called 'Human Rights' lawyers, and repeated claim, appeal, appeal and more appeals, coupled with  as much negative media  coverage, people deliberately harming themselves...trashing Detention centre buildings, protesting on roof tops etc... all conspire to create an artificially high outcome as described above.
The Woman progressives love to hate.

But Let's subject Punch's logic to a bit of clear thinking!  a)IF..... those coming to our shores are '95% genuine refugees'...then b) THEN... if a 100,000 boat people arrive here... we should accept 95% of them because they are 'genuine'.... such is the reasoning that underpins the Punch mentality. (mental 'state'?)

Punch then waxes eloquent about something called the "Ethnic Business Awards" and then hysterically applauds the achievements of various 'successful' migrants  who 'made it' here.. then we find the person who started these very awards is.." Joseph Assaf, who  came to Australia from Lebanon 43 years ago, literally, in someone else’s shoes." So the whole thing is a closed loop of self promotion.  Looking at his company "Jascom"...and the type of work it does, one wonders how much of the funding comes or at least initially from you and me tax payer as part of the 'refugee industry' support from Government.  Jascom is moving into 'property development' now..and this could have nothing to do with providing housing for refugees at tax payer expense..now could it ?  There's a lot more this blog would like to know about the inner workings of such companies.

Long story short, all of that ignores the most important aspect of the whole 'boat people' saga..and that's the political dimension. We should also look at the people coming to Australia from Malaysia.... this blog holds the utmost skepticism about anything politicians do, and their motives. No Prime minister or Political party would do ANYthing it believed would harm it's electoral chances in future elections..even decades out from the present. This applies to both sides of politics. So... the profile of those accepted will most likely fit a 'future labor' mould, which of course would simply exacerbate the whole situation in terms of a more open refugee policy. But all for 'compassionate' reasons....right?