The Pen is mightier than the sword, but the Pen must sometimes move the sword against corruption if the corrupt are not moved by the pen.. An idea without an implementer is useless. "The Rulers do not carry the sword in vain"Rom 13:4

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Beauty and Influence- does it matter?

Its amazing how the human mind works.  Have you ever wondered why some people think so differently about the same set of facts?   A simple illustration is perhaps a man with a scrubby, overgrown back yard. So.. he cleans it all up, scrape scrape, and voila.. it's as clean as a whistle and he then plans his landscaping adventure to produce his manicured lawns and alluring shrubbery.

But the bloke next door, (a member of the Greens) just about has a fit!  In his mind, this neighbor had no right whatsoever to harm 'habitat' and he calls this callous act of vandalism 'environmental devastation'.


If a girl dressed in dowdy unfashionable clothes, obviously in difficult times, wearing huge thick glasses, no make up, clumsy looking shoes,  expresses an opinion about some issue, you tend to discount her opinion because of her appearance. (I'm writing as a bloke) But.. if that same opinion is expressed by a slim, bright, beautiful girl...you find easier to believe her viewpoint, even though it's the same one.

What's going on?

The simple fact is, it's 'genes'.  We are kind of programmed to want that which seems most likely to advance our own genes and reproductive prospects.  We think of the social dimension, the intellectual and so on. Numerous experiments have been done to prove this.

So.. why does the Left Wing political activist believe such and such about 'right wing' or non Left ideas of society and economy?  I suggest that the source of this viewpoint is exactly the above.. genes. It's probably a kind of self reinforcing thing, where social factors apply. Once a basic embryonic mindset is established, it is then reinforced by social networks.  The same can and I'm sure does, apply to the 'Right Winger'..  so where do we go from here?

OBJECTIVITY.    There are many factors which influence a true objective assessment of a situation. In fact, true objectivity is probably a very illusive thing.  Take the issue of 'Refugees' for example.  To be truly objective one needs to know the individual circumstances of the person.  This includes the accuracy of their self declared reasons for seeking asylum.  If it turns out, as is often reported that people were 'seeking a better life'.. then they are not 'refugees'....it's as simple as that. At this point ideology and those social networks and 'gene' supporting behaviors begin to take effect.  If a Left winger's social and support network is characterized by a very rigid and accepting viewpoint on such people, they will adopt a view that is compatible with the view of their 'group'.. To do otherwise would be social suicide.

So it then takes us to 'who' is the opinion leader of their 'group'?  It might be some academic luminary, who is highly respected and promoted by an attractive individual in the group, or it might be a very charismatic person alone in the group.  But what it is NOT, is objectivity.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Trump, Cruz, Clinton or Sanders?

I'll try to make this brief.  When deciding who might ... ? what?  

-Be the best President?
-Improve the economic outlook?
-Smash Extremism?
-Look after the disadvantaged?

Right at the beginning, before even uttering the question about this impending election, the biggest challenge seems to be to ask the right question?  "Best" is a value judgement that will emerge from one's own personal world view.  The rest of the questions below that one will also depend on how narrow your outlook is. 

Perhaps the 'best' President will be definitely not a 'one trick pony',  so how about a 'Jack of all trades, master of none?".  That seems to me to be the best formula because given the humongous nature of  the presidency of a massive nation, it beggars belief that any single individual could understand and process the detailed intricacies of every branch of both government and society. 

Obviously, a President must rely on... 'advice' and have suffient grasp of the general picture such that he or she can relate the advice to the sector.  This applies more to the area of domestic management, but then we have the issue of national defense and foreign policy.  Once again, he or she will probably rely on a balance of gut feeling life experience and knowledge, plus advice from relevant specialists.

Slight Digression:
I find this myself in regard to town planning and such things as 'Mosques'.  I am fully aware of the social impact a mosque will have, and of the various strands of Islam that may influence that impact. But when it comes to specifics of 'use of land' and the bigger picture of how land and such things as water management, waste disposal, future expansion and various government services..... I would need, and want advice from those specializing in those fields.

Back to the Subject:   It seems to me that each of the Candidates except Clinton have something to offer. Trump is the 'slash and burn, sort the bastards out' type, which is needed in regard to the massive blowouts in the unfunded liabilities for medicare, medicaid and other social funds.  You cannot spend what you don't have, and if most of your income is being blown in interest payments on money borrowed to prop up those services, it's all rather pointless and needs radical political surgery to repair.  So.. I think Trump would fix this and Sanders would utterly lay waste to the social welfare landscape by trying to give according to the heart rather than the accounts.  Still.. Sanders does have a redeeming quality, he wants to punish Wall Street. "BIG" bankers.  I agree.  But Bernie might find himself up against some very high brick walls there, because he is a Demobrat and they rely on support FROM those BIG bankers and other BIG business (Like Buffet and Gore industries and George Soros).

So, unless things have dramatically changed in so called human evolution and we have suddenly reached the point of rich altruism by nature rather than compulsion,  Bernie might struggle a bit to make ends meet.

CRUZ seems to be more balanced than Trumpeter... he has not only passion, but a spiritual foundation for it. I completely reject the poo poo-ers who rubbish him because America was founded on the principles that undergird Cruz's belief system.  If anyone doubts that the early Americans who founded places like New England were both extremely prosperous and very happy, even with a strong reliance on the legal code of Moses, (10 Commandments and other parts of the Levitical Mosaic law)  they need only read the glowing and very objective reports by Alexis D'Tocquville on "Democracy in America". 

That's the area where Trumpeter worries me. His 'code' seems to be one of self reliance and self interest, and I would prefer he was chafing at the bit to deal with the financial institutions that corrupted America in 2008. At least this is one area where Trumpeter is strongest... "He doesn't need money"..he is filthy rich.  This could bode well for a no nonsense presidency, as we might conclude he is not "in it" for the money. However it could be argued that indirectly he is..because his wealth is derived from the Nations wealth, but if the Nation is poor and grovelling for it's next slice of bread, that surely won't help him.

We might also suggest "enough is never enough" ...sure he has plenty of money, but he might want more... perhaps like George Soros, he secretly harbors delusions of god-like grandure? (Soros was not hiding his own aspirations to 'be like god', he wrote about it in one of his books).   Billy Graham once related a story of a very good looking, rich playboy who had just committed suicide because "There was nothing left in life" he had it all....but he did not have peace of heart.  So, how might Trumpeter react to being the most powerful person on earth and being in charge of the most powerful nation?

Let's hope the sense of competition between the USA and CHINA will stoke the fires in his mind and prevent him from every feeling that there is nothing more to do or achieve!

Last..and definitely least.. 'Clinton'... she seems to be an indefatigable liar (Bengazi) and cliche monger who bandies about the right 'slogans' but who really just wants power because she wants to be the first female president!  Well.. I think she is just one of the 'establishment' pillars who is being promoted and pushed by the same vested interests that drove Gore, and Obama and others. She is a has-been with a has-been husband who is on record as being a philanderer and and immoral opportunist. (Monica Lewinsky)


Should AFGHAN MEN be excluded from Australia on cultural grounds? SHOCK HORROR that would be... 'discrimination' and after all, we've signed up to the UN convention on the elimination of all forms of discrimination. Hmmmm well how about when a convicted paedophile named Dennis Furguson, having served his time in jail, is released, and tries to find a residence and employment?   Is our 'convention' alive and well for that? Err..no..he is hounded from place to place, angry residents try to drive him out and no one mentions the word "UN Convention on eliminating all forms of discrimination".   Just get over it.. we DO discriminate and rightly so on many issues.
THE PROBLEM. Afghanistan, as with most central European Muslim countries, has a serious moral problem! They indulge in a practice called "Bacha Bazi" Before explaining this, we should remind ourselves of how abhorrent is the practice of male adults sexually using children to fulfil their lusts and deviant passions. We have a royal commission going on right now addressing this issue, and the Catholic Church has come in for some heavy duty criticism and attack for tolerating this kind of thing. 
Victims of this awful abuse have taken to pursuing Cardinal Pell of Sydney, all the way to the Vatican to unleash their rage and anguish over being abused by priests.
WHAT IS BACHA BAZI? It is the practice of grooming young male children between the ages of 12 to 15 for sex. It involves teaching them to dance provocatively and lasciviously in front of older males who then use them for sex. This is a cultural norm for Afghan men. They cannot see anything wrong with it.
"These batchas are as much respected as the greatest singers and artistes are with us. Every movement they make is followed and applauded, and I have never seen such breathless interest as they excite, for the whole crowd seems to devour them with their eyes, while their hands beat time to every step." writes Eugene Schuyler, an American diplomat and scholar who visited the region.
Attempts to ban the practice by colonial authorities tended to fizz and fade out due to the entrenched cultural grip the practice has on the men.  We should be aware that while such vile practices are generally limited to the rich and powerful in Afghanistan, it is reasonable to assume that the less well of who cannot afford this 'luxury' would indulge in it if they had the resources. In other words, corruption on the throne means corruption in the market place.
HAVE AFGHAN MEN BEEN RE-EDUCATED ON ARRIVAL IN AUSTRALIA ? I doubt that! Telling these new arrivals (or better still, before they come) that this practice is highly Taboo in our culture, as well as being morally wrong, would draw the most intense criticism from the homosexual led Greens (Bob Brown Era) and the many others who's moral compass does not point to the same 'north' that the rest of us recognize.
IF NOT... if these males have not been reeducated, we have recklessly imported huge numbers of the very problem the Royal Commission is seeking to wipe out!
Have we become so insane as to hate and punish an immoral practice for some people and permit it for others? How can we simply send these men to some 40 minute class at a migration hostel to be told "Your culture is shit" (to be blunt) and expect them to internalize this for life in Australia? More likely they will simply tick the box of "Information presented/class done" and take absolutely nothing from it whatsoever. After all.... Bacha Bazi is...their CULTURE and Australia promotes "MULTI" culturalism.
Well, Australia, do I need to say "wake up"? If I can find 10 dedicated participants we can do a demonstration in a strategic location on this issue.

LEGAL ISSUE  We have a law in Victoria Australia that forbids holding people up to public contempt because of their religion or race. It's called the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act  and it says nothing about protecting culture. But imagine, if the law did, it would make this post illegal and vulnerable to Human Rights tribunal investigation.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Brussells in Flames- Left in Denial

"NAPTHINE SLASHES, YOU BURN" said the large banner outside a Fire Station in Boronia, Victoria, Australia. Napthine was the former Premier.  It seems to be that a more appropriate banner today would be "LEFT DENIES, YOU BLOW UP"

The diabolical events in Brussells today should be enough for any normal, soundly reasoning person to conclude  "Europe is under Muslim Attack".... in  fact. even a person of marginal intelligence could work this out.

The political Left though, will find itself with shards of Jihadist glass protruding from their eyes, and necks and STILL they would be babbling through the foaming bubbles of blood  dripping from gaping throat wounds that 'Capitalism and racism' are the problem, not Islam or Muslims!     The only solution for this kind of brain injury thinking is to compassionately end their ability to have the slightest influence on any poor hapless soul in society.

UPF are gallantly striding down the runway of history into the record books, while various others who once stood with us have fallen by the wayside. Poor Sherman Burgess has resorted to praying to Odin, a mythological god of the Norse.  I suppose this might give poor Sherm some comfort, but really it makes him look like a bit of a twit.   Much as I've never shown anything but blokey love to the man, his recent 'end of life' rants about UPF being this or that have done more damage to himself than anyone else.

No political movement is immune to various interested parties who have a slightly different agenda than the main movement. I see a bit of this in some snippits of a recent video by one of the crew from WA, and if unchecked would  probably kill the movement faster than a shotgun blast  at 3 paces.

But in my opinion, if there are any remaining, as yet unconverted Left wingers, in Melbourne especially.. and yes, Josh, this means you and your crowd,   who cling furtively to their slogans, mantras and rants about 'racism' in response to legitimate criticism of both Islam and the violence coming from Muslims in Europe, they deserve nothing other than total contempt as for traitors.

We can allow some forgiveness as we might for an ignorant person who is not  up with the facts, but really, they are quite available for all to see.  The strongest light in Europe now is Viktor Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister who spelt out exactly how the Left (including Merkel and Hollande) is trying to destroy Nation states and impose a cruel totalitarianism on European nations.  You can bet George Soros is not far away from the action, but that's another story.


Yesterday, as the information about the Senate election rules and a double dissolution of the two houses dribbled through the mass media, Bill Shorten was quick to jump on the wagon with a few sips of Labor Liquor that were of the standard you'd expect from a bloke who was on the turps.

"Labor means more Jobs/ Coalition means more Cuts"

MORE JOBS ?????? Mr Shorten you must have a mental illness!   We've just observed with stunned amazement how Labor (representing Unions and 'workers') has shredded and slashed and burned thousands of jobs in the Auto industry that will never return. Not only that, but the feed in jobs as well and just near me there are 390 at Denso which makes Air Conditioning parts for Toyota.  So.. around $17 million annually lost from the Bayswater Economy, and an additional hit of millions more in welfare cost for those now unemployed ex workers that Labor sacrificed.

This "Labor=Jobs"  is the kind of sloppy  dribble that only an intellectually disabled person could believe when they've lived through the Labor landslide of lost jobs over the past few years!

LABOR is toxic, lying, lamentable and hopefully will languish in political purgatory for the foreseeable future few decades.  This is not to declare the Coalition to be the better flavor for Australia nor to I even for a moment of utter madness consider the Greens to be anything other than borderline retards and malicious evil doers, so the solution is not them.

What IS the solution?  Clearly it is a Nationalist Party that will represent 100% of Australians even when some of them don't wish to admit it.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Putin, hero of the Western World.

Hero of the Western World, Vladimir Putin!

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law allowing Russia's Constitutional Court to decide whether or not to implement rulings of international human rights courts.
The law, published on Tuesday on the government website, enables the Russian court to overturn decisions of the Strasbourg-based European Court of Human Rights if it deems them unconstitutional.

Human Rights Watch has said the law is designed to thwart the ability of victims of human rights violations in Russia to find justice through international bodies.

No, Vlad (the Impaler?) is not 'God'...but I'm sure if he put in an application in triplicate to the Almighty it would be given serious consideration as something like a 'vice regent'.. he is doing the best job of guaranteeing National Sovereignty of all.. ALL global leaders today.

Notice how the whiney whingeing Left lap dog "Human Rights" watch reacted ?   The show their true commy colors with that "justice through international bodies" comment.  This is just code for "Global Dominance by the UN over sovereign Nations.  They don't mean justice they mean their toxic version of 'human rights' which is thinly veiled cultural Marxism that they are trying to impose on the world through the UN and so called "Human Rights".  

As great legendary lawyer Clarence Darrow once said  that it matters now who makes the laws, but who controls the judges.  The law might say "A" but the judge can say it means "B"....  so it is with so called international Human Rights, they are a trojan horse for the elimination of sovereignty and colonization of indepenent nations by the UN and it's financial elite.

I can only say GO VLAD! rip roarer mate! You are better, wiser and stronger than all current Australian politicians!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS and our loss of sovereignty.

The fundamental core element of FREE trade deals is this... Governments will not make decisions which can negatively impact the profitability of another countries investment in our own.

When you think about this, it is probably the most pernicious and white-anting act that a Government could do.   The agreement is meant to protect both Aussie interests in other countries as well as those of them in our country.

POLITICS. The problem, I believe is in the politics of those agreements. I suggest that because of our adversarial and competitive political landscape, that these agreements are not in the true national interest but have been infected by 'special' interests who support the political parties who make these agreements.  Every party has a constituency, and those supporters want their pound of economic flesh from those they support.

So.. using a simple example. A free trade deal with say Korea will mean two things.

i) Australia removed punitive Tarifs on Korean cars and electronic products.
ii) Korea opens it's market for Aussie beef.

There are many more elements to such deals, but let this try to illustrate the 'special' interest aspect. 
One would need to know the precise economic benefit to each country from the above 2 points, and them compare them to see who benefits most.  But we need to look deeper.. we need to examine what other things we might lose on.  This is where the politics comes in.  I assume a government will make a calculation which is skewed in favor of it's political support base. So..we hurl certain small manufacturing out the window.. in order for BEEF to do better in the Korean market.  This could be attributed to the fact that the Coalition government includes the cow cockies "National Party".

So... are these FTA's truly in the "National" interest or the interests of a politically biased special interest?
LOSS OF SOVEREIGNTY  The most damaging aspect to me is that a Korean company can sue the Australian government if it makes a decision that might negatively impact the interests of Korean enterprises active in Australia.

Perhaps a party like FORTITUDE which has the National Interest at heart, would look at these FTA's and make whatever adjustments are needed to better fit our broad national interest and prune back any aspects which can be traced back to unfair private interest expressed through the political party they support?

ELEXTROLUX ORANGE- A strategy to save the jobs and the enterprise.

Electrolux makes 1,300 fridges and freezers everyday at the plant to be sold under its name and brands including Westinghouse and Kelvinator, and contributes more than $70 million to the local economy each year.

So, well might we ask,  "Why" is this vibrant factory closing down in 2016?

Do they sell much product?     1300 units per day is not too shabby!

 But we have to look at the trend as seen in the figures above which are from the Electrolux annual report for 2014.


In an a globalized economic rationalist world, and when faced with a debauched and opportunistic competitive and adversarial political system rife with industrial relations scams... damn little!

But in the world or Nation that FORTITUDE will create, there's plenty!

Before outlining how this could be done, let's note some problems.

i) Electrolux made the decision to relocate the manufacturing of all these products in Thailand. Why? Cheaper labor.  Why is it cheaper over there?  Probably because the Government has more interest in being competitive, than it has in giving a wage wish list to the average Joe and Jill worker that ends up destroying that competitiveness and the enterprise.

Perhaps more importantly... why would 'labor cost' be the predominant reason for leaving Australia in a $70million per-annum hole?  The total cost is actually double this, because our economy will have to find that money to just break even with now, which means we don't only 'lose' that amount, we also lose the same amount again as we try to cover the mess!  LABOR cost is 'high'....because trade Unions only see one color, 'red'....they see their only role as being to ramp up the wages and conditions of 'workers' or.. 'their members'. In the case of Electrolux, it's the AWU Australian Workers Union.

THE CASE (High Court)

You don't need to read far into this case to realize that if you were an employer.. you'd be ripping your hair out saying "Why the hell do I need this?????? nope..the Union can screw itself, we'll go to Thailand and bugger them all"

The case seems to be about forcing non Union workers to pay Union fees. "Bargaining Agents Fee"


1) Nationalize the Factory.. (Anarchist/Socialist approach)   Take control of the 'means of production' and make it a worker owned coop/enterprise.     This won't work for a trillion reasons! (Mondragon/Fagor)

2) Buy Out the Factory,   it will become an enterprise that includes worker investment and share holding (they'll have to chip in big time from their own resources) 

i) Firstly, the parent company, having made the decision to supply the same market from production in Thailand, will not want to sell. (either the plant and equipment or the brands)
FTA We do have a free trade agreement with Thailand via our FTA with the ASEAN block. It might be possible to get in quickly and establish the worker/staff ownership before the new plant is built in Thailand ? This might just keep us out of trade hot water under this FTA.

iii) UNIONS will be utterly verboten in the bought out company. Pay will be established such that the enterprise will be profitable, and workers with shares will participate in that profit.  (tying their work place performance directly to personal benefit)

I guess this means that the so called Fair Work Act would need to be shredded and replaced with something that actually works in the National Interest

Speaking of which… the only reason I can conclude as to 'why' little is being done by the Government to remedy this is a) Their commitment to 'free trade' and they might see more 'economic' advantage by having access to new markets for things like Beef etc.. (which translates into National Party constituents benefit) 

We have a FTA with Thailand via ASEAN. This probably means we cannot make decisions here which are prejudicial to Thai economic interests. But if we get in BEFORE they have that interest ?  hmmm (like establishing an Electrolux factory in Thailand)

As I look at the details of that FTA with Asean/Thailand…I my political nose is smelling 'benefit for the politically connected' rather than general benefit for the economy.

iv) WHERE could the funds be found to buy out this plant?  hmm ok..well perhaps if Daniel Andrews (to use my favorite whipping boy at present) had not scandalously wasted $20million on Tennis Promotional logo's etc that now cannot be used, and if he had not cost us $650 million for work that will not not be done (East West Link) and if we were not paying around $500,000,000 per YEAR in interest on our net debt and unfunded liabilities…  wow..there would be OODLES of spare money to do what I'm proposing (this is Vic alone)  The interest situation equally applied to the Napthine clowns who did little to fix it, but were at least heading in the right direction!  Except that revenue was tanking along with decreased spending making the net effect nowhere near where it needs to be to have an impact on our net debt.  (The graph below is from the Libs 2014 outlook)… oh I can't wait to see the Andrews version of the same thing at the end of next June!

THE END DRAWETH NIGH... is the kind of sign that loony tunes religious nitwits display up and down the street. Usually based on some dingbat theology from Clarence Larkins 'Greatest book on Dispensational Truth"  But for Aussie manufacturing and jobs, there is an absolute, etched in stone tablets future.. 'DOOM' unless we can demonstrate an effective method of making an enterprise work economically in Australia.  This HAS to mean cuts in wages, improvements in efficiency's (usually means machines and lost jobs)  because aside from this..there IS no future for Australian Manufacturing. (except mine which is 98% export to a niche market) but I don't employ anyone!  My business could not afford it.
This could mean an expansion of innovative enterprises which rely on massive automation, and less employees who can probably attract much better pay than a simple process worker.  The only way to have MORE of these higher paying jobs is by having more innovative, automated industries. That leads directly into my own "Higher Education Policy" which is to match the best professors with the brightest students as an 'overlay' on the existing system, to produce 'super' innovators based on science.

FORTITUDE will save you!  (not Andy Fleming, Antifa  or "Aussie" or John Symonds who saves himself alone, in my opinion)

SPECIAL NOTE to my anarchist mate Andy Fleming.. "have fun with this Andy"

Friday, December 25, 2015

The Rise of the Sith, but Palpatine will not die this time.

The United Patriots Front is about to step onto the stage of Aussie history as no movement ever has.
The transformative impact will be irreversible, and staggering.

Australia is currently on a down hill slide into economic oblivion and social slavery while outside interests seek to overturn our freedoms by simply 'buying' them.

As Roosevelt once said

Yet our distress comes from no failure of substance. We are stricken by no plague of locusts. Compared with the perils which our forefathers conquered because they believed and were not afraid, we have still much to be thankful for. Nature still offers her bounty and human efforts have multiplied it. Plenty is at our doorstep, but a generous use of it languishes in the very sight of the supply. Primarily this is because the rulers of the exchange of mankind’s goods have failed, through their own stubbornness and their own incompetence, have admitted their failure, and abdicated. Practices of the unscrupulous money changers stand indicted in the court of public opinion, rejected by the hearts and minds of men.

For the 'men' mentioned in the last sentence, you can replace this with 'Aussie public opinion'.  It might not be ripe yet, it might only be a growing bud on the tree, and the cocky's are searching for it showing any signs of growth to nip it in the bud, but we are a vast  orchard, not a single tree.

2016 will be a revolutionary one for Australia. Not the kind the political Left longs and hungers for, nope..this will be a 'good' revolution in favor of the Nation and not for the usual 50% depending on which side gains power.  The politics of out-bidding for the hearts of Aussies will be replaced by a sober and responsible claim on our future based on sound reckoning and economic reasoning.

Let's see what happens.. 

I'll finish this with a love song...but you need to see the words "Nothing's gonna stop us now" in political terms.

Saturday, December 5, 2015

"SYED" RIZWAN FAROUK the San Bernadino Killer/Jihadists

The most important issue here is the mans name.  His name is.. 'Rizwan Farouk'...  the word 'Syed' is not a name it is a TITLE..and the meaning of that title is.. "Blood descendant of Muhammad".

Only people who have a biological connection to Muhammad can use this title.

This has implications about why or how this man could have been brought back to Islamic fundamentals ("Radicalized") and it also shows how silly and naive are the authorities who are trying to 'work out' the motive.

I suspect that as he watches his ancestral home in turmoil he is looking for someone to blame, and for an opportunity to do something about it all.  He got his wish.